Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative

Impact on Research

Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative

Follicular lymphoma (FL) is a slow-growing or indolent form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) that accounts for 20 to 30 percent of all NHL cases. While typically an indolent form of lymphoma, FL remains incurable and a continuing challenge for researchers and clinicians.  Although most patients respond to the current standard of care, many will require treatment throughout their lifetime; other patients’ inability to achieve a complete remission or those whose disease progresses early results in poorer long-term outcomes.

Established in 2020 through the generosity of the Peykoff Family and Niagara Cares, the $10 million Initiative is poised to transform the follicular lymphoma treatment landscape for tens of thousands of patients by harnessing the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s (LRF) unique resources, convening the world’s experts in follicular lymphoma research and patient care, and driving direct investment in clinical research.

International Follicular Lymphoma Scientific Workshop

Building upon more than two decades’ experience as a convener of international scientific consortia and disease-specific research workshops, LRF will develop an international Scientific Workshop to drive collaboration. Follicular lymphoma thought leaders would share early research findings, discuss the results of pivotal clinical trials, and engage in planning exercises designed to advance FL research.

Clinical Research Grants

LRF is committed to funding the most promising lymphoma researchers who have the greatest potential to improve patient care and, ultimately, to improve patient outcomes. Under the expert leadership of the Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative Steering Committee and the LRF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), LRF will fund both Clinical Investigator Career Development Awards and Senior Investigator Grants to attract senior and early-career investigators and train them in the field of FL research. The Foundation convened an expert panel to develop this research program; click here to read the resulting white paper which will guide the effort.

Help Accelerate the Pace of Lymphoma Research

We are proud to announce the Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative, made possible by the generosity of the Peykoff Family. We invite you to express your support by making a gift in honor of Jaime Peykoff and all those whose lives will be touched by this groundbreaking work.

Steering Committee

Ann S. LaCasce, MD, MMSC
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Stephen Ansell, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic, Rochester

John P. Leonard, MD
Weill Cornell Medicine

Loretta Nastoupil, MD
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Laura Pasqualucci, MD
Columbia University Medical Center

Laurie Sehn, MD, MPH
BC Cancer, Vancouver

Sonali M. Smith, MD
The University of Chicago

John Timmerman, MD
UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center