Young Adult Lymphoma Resources

The Lymphoma Research Foundation provides many adolescent and young adult lymphoma resources through its AYA initiative, Erase Lymphoma

Relationships and Families

Interactions with friends, family members, romantic partners and children often become more complex following a diagnosis of lymphoma and sometimes through the phases of long-term survivorship. Click here to read more.


The Lymphoma Research Foundation understands how important it is to find as much support as possible when you or a young loved one is diagnosed with lymphoma. Contact the LRF Helpline at (800) 500-9976 or to talk to a trained professional about questions you may have about any type of lymphoma, treatments, clinical trials, coping, and more. We can also connect you to others who may be in a similar situation to yours through the Lymphoma Support Network.

There are also a number of helpful web sites that feature assistance for children and their families as well as active online communities of young adults with lymphoma. Here are some places to start.


The Lymphoma Research Foundation’s free Erase Lymphoma toolkit includes the most relevant information and resources, specifically addressing people diagnosed in their teens, twenties and thirties.

We also have the following resources available:
Booklets and Fact Sheets
In-person Education Programs
Support Programs

Join the Team. Find a Cure.

Team LRF is a community of individuals dedicated to supporting the mission of the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) – to eradicate lymphoma and serve those impacted by this blood cancer.  Team LRF volunteers plan or participate in various fundraising activities, the proceeds of which are donated to LRF.  Each year, thousands of Team LRF members across the country turn their talents and interests into impactful support of LRF,  doing whatever it takes to make a difference.

Team LRF members can participate in LRF hosted events, like Lymphoma Walks and Research Ride; join endurance challenges like the Rock N’ Roll Marathon, raising funds for LRF while wearing an official Team LRF jersey; or come up with fun and creative ways to mobilize networks, like hosting dinner parties or organizing bake sales. Learn more at

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