Running a Fundraiser

Whether you want to do a virtual fundraiser by yourself or an in-person event with a team of fundraisers, you can support LRF!

Creating your own campaign is easy!

Ready to make a difference in the lymphoma community?
Creating your own campaign is easy
  • Choose your fundraiser type
  • Create your fundraising page
  • Share your page with friends and family to raise mission-critical funds

How it Works

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Fundraising Possibilities are Endless!

Host a backyard party

Run, walk, or bike

Celebrate a birthday or milestone

Something something something

Choose A Fundraiser Type


With a personal fundraiser, you create a single event with a single fundraising page that you circulate to friends and family, and they donate to you.


In a group fundraiser, you create an event then invite people to create their own fundraising pages for that event.

Looking to raise funds as a part of an existing event?
Discover fundraisers here!


We are a community of lymphoma survivors, caregivers, friends, family members, and supporters who raise awareness and critical funds to support those affected by this blood cancer. By fundraising with LRF you ensure 94 cents of every dollar goes exclusively Lymphoma-specific research.

Not Ready to Start a Fundraiser?

Looking to join or donate to an existing fundraiser? Search for the participant, team, fundraiser or tribute page