Cause Campaigns

There are many ways to launch a cause program to strengthen your business while positively impacting the lymphoma community.

  • Point of Sale: your customer has an opportunity to donate to LRF at the register.
  • Purchase or Action: a donation is triggered when your customer purchases your product or performs an action directed by your business.
  • Message Focused Campaign: Utilize your business or organization resources for a lymphoma public awareness campaign.
  • Digital: your company can conduct web based and social media campaigns.

We welcome your creative ideas and will work with you to design a program that reflects your company’s goals. Or, you may choose to participate in an established LRF campaign:

Light it Red for Lymphoma

Light it Red for Lymphoma partners are national and local businesses, organizations and individuals committed to raising funds and awareness for lymphoma during National Blood Cancer Awareness Month each September. Since 2011, the Lymphoma Research Foundation has been lighting the country red to empower the lymphoma community with hope and raise funds to lead to the discovery of the cure. Partners are encouraged to use creative resources to promote the movement; illuminating buildings and landmarks in red light, conducting fundraising events and activities and using social media, the web, print and digital communications to promote their campaigns.

See our Light It Red for Lymphoma partners.

Round it Up for Lymphoma

Make it easy for your customers to give hope to the more than 700,000 Americans living with lymphoma. Join the LRF Round it Up for Lymphoma campaign and be among America’s most respected companies making it easy for their customers to make change in the treatment and survival of lymphoma. Round it Up for Lymphoma offers your customer an opportunity to donate to the Lymphoma Research Foundation by rounding up their in-store or online purchase to the nearest dollar or designating a donation amount. Choose your preferred campaign dates, or Round it Up for Lymphoma during the month of September honoring Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

Please let us know you will join us as a cause partner by completing a Partnership Inquiry. All promotional campaigns designating LRF as a beneficiary must be pre-approved.