Advocacy Tool Kit

LRF Advocacy Tool Kit

The LRF advocacy tool kit provides advocates with the resources necessary to garner attention and support for the issues most important to the lymphoma community. Not already an advocate? Please take a moment to join the LRF Advocacy Program.

LRF Policy Priorities

Learn more about federal policies affecting the lymphoma community. Read LRF’s policy priorities and learn more about recent activities LRF advocates have participated in to speak out on behalf of lymphoma patients and survivors across the country.

LRF Guide to Advocacy

Download LRF’s Advocacy Guide to learn how you can be an effective advocate for the entire lymphoma community. In addition, LRF is pleased to offer in-person training opportunities around the country to members of the lymphoma community interested in becoming advocates. To see if advocacy training is being held in your community, please e-mail LRF at

Letter to the Editor Campaign

The opinion section of every newspaper is one of the most popular, providing a unique opportunity for advocates to educate their local community about lymphoma. Advocates participating in LRF’s letter-to-the-editor campaign can click here to view our tip sheet on writing and submitting a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Public Policy and Advocacy News

LRF advocates address a wide variety of policy issues affecting the lymphoma community. Learn more about each issue and how together we can affect change and grow support for those issues most important to the lymphoma community by visiting the LRF Public Policy and Advocacy News page.