LRF Launches Multi-Million Dollar Global Initiative to Drive Follicular Lymphoma Clinical Research

The Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative will fund follicular lymphoma research grants, international scientific workshop, and clinical awards

The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) today announced the establishment of the Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative, named for follicular lymphoma (FL) survivor and wife of Andrew Peykoff II, owner of Niagara Bottling.

Established through the generosity of the Peykoff Family and Niagara Cares, the $10 million Initiative is poised to transform the follicular lymphoma treatment landscape for tens of thousands of patients by harnessing LRF’s unique resources, convening the world’s experts in follicular lymphoma research and patient care, and driving direct investment in clinical research.

“We were so very impressed by the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s extensive background in partnering with world-leading experts to advance the field of lymphomas research as well as the caliber of its Scientific Advisory Board,” said Jaime Peykoff.  “We also loved their commitment to investing in early-career scientists to help push forward the pace and openness of lymphoma research.  We are very excited to see what will be uncovered and accomplished with this new disease-focus initiative.  It’s going to be a great journey!”

“The Lymphoma Research Foundation seeks to eradicate this disease by supporting innovative research and the development of new and improved treatments for lymphoma.  Direct investment in cutting-edge science is the primary way we advance our mission,” said Meghan Gutierrez, LRF CEO.  “This generous gift will allow us to develop and provide the critical tools and resources necessary to meaningfully advance the study of follicular lymphoma and impact patient care.”

Follicular lymphoma is a slow-growing or indolent form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) that accounts for 20 to 30 percent of all NHL cases. While typically an indolent form of lymphoma, FL remains incurable and a continuing challenge for researchers and clinicians.  Although most patients respond to the current standard of care, many will require treatment throughout their lifetime; other patients’ inability to achieve a complete remission or those whose disease progresses early results in poorer long-term outcomes.

Through the Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative, LRF will mobilize the research community to better understand FL, accelerate therapeutic development and bring innovations and advances to patients who require them faster and more efficiently.  The main Initiative components include:


LRF assembled a Steering Committee comprised of FL experts to provide thought leadership for the Initiative.  This multidisciplinary, multi-institutional panel will ensure all key stakeholders are informed of the Initiative’s goals and identify the most significant areas of unmet needs in clinical FL research.  The Initiative’s Steering Committee includes the following:

  • Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Chair
  • Sonali M. Smith, MD, The University of Chicago Medical Center, Vice Chair
  • Stephen Ansell, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester
  • John P. Leonard, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Brian Link, MD, University of Iowa, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Laura Pasqualucci, MD, Columbia University Medical Center
  • John Timmerman, MD, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

“We are honored to have assembled such an elite group of experts as part of the Initiative’s leadership,” said Dr. Zelenetz, who also serves as Chair of the LRF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).  “Their extensive background in researching and treating follicular lymphoma and overall dedication to advancing the field in lymphoma research and clinical care makes me confident in and excited for future breakthroughs in this disease.”

International Follicular Lymphoma Scientific Workshop

Building upon more than two decades’ experience as a convener of international scientific consortia and disease-specific research workshops, LRF will develop an international Scientific Workshop to drive collaboration.  Follicular lymphoma thought leaders would share early research findings, discuss the results of pivotal clinical trials, and engage in planning exercises designed to advance FL research.

Clinical Research Grants

LRF is committed to funding the most promising lymphoma researchers who have the greatest potential to improve patient care and, ultimately, to improve patient outcomes.  Under the expert leadership of the Jaime Peykoff Follicular Lymphoma Initiative Steering Committee and the LRF SAB, LRF will fund both Clinical Investigator Career Development Awards and Senior Investigator Grants to attract senior and early-career investigators and train them in the field of FL research.

“Amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, many scientific research labs across the country were forced to shut down, and funds for research continue to decrease,” said Gutierrez.  “We are proud to continue our commitment to the lymphoma community by offering these additional grants within our research portfolio.  We thank our supporters, like the Peykoff Family, for making this important work possible.”

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Help Accelerate the Pace of Lymphoma Research

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