Lymphoma News

Mobile Health Technology Helps Blood Cancer Patients Navigate Diagnosis

These days, a cellphone is much more than just a phone – it’s a photo album, a GPS, a stereo system, an encyclopedia, a computer, a gaming system, a suite of tools all in the palm of your hand. One of the many tools that can be accessed via mobile technology are apps intended to help manage your health, sometimes known as mobile health technology.

Advocating for Answers

After 20 years of living with lymphoma, Lois Rosenblum knows firsthand the importance of a strong support system and advocating for your health. Following an initial diagnosis of follicular lymphoma in 2002 and several disease transformations since then, she’s passionate about supporting the work that the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) does to power cutting-edge research to treat and defeat lymphoma.

Patient Perspectives: Dispelling Myths About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important for advancing research and can provide patients with access to the most cutting-edge treatments. LRF Associate Director of Support Services and Helpline specialist, Izumi Nakano, answers some common questions about clinical trials to help better understand the process and what to think about when considering enrolling in one.