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Clinical Trials Information Service

The Lymphoma Research Foundation Clinical Trials Information Service provides patients with information about investigative treatments for lymphoma being evaluated at cancer centers nationwide. Upon request, LRF’s Helpline staff can conduct a search for potential lymphoma clinical trials based on medical information that has been provided. As the Foundation does not provide medical advice or endorse specific treatments, patients are encouraged to discuss trial summaries with their physicians. A physician would be able to evaluate the study criteria and determine if the clinical trial is a good fit.  

In order for the Helpline staff to conduct a clinical trial search, patients must provide the following information:

  • Age
  • Diagnosis (lymphoma subtype)
  • Types of previous treatment (if any), the dates and the response
  • Other medical diagnoses (i.e., another cancer, HIV, diabetes)
  • Geographic area willing to travel to for treatment

Hundreds of lymphoma clinical trials are being conducted at hospitals, cancer centers, and doctors’ offices, often sponsored by the government, pharmaceutical companies, universities, and physician groups. Clinical Trials are important to advancing research and provide access to the most cutting-edge treatments. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as the Institutional Review Board of the participating hospital or institution, must approve each clinical trial phase. We can provide information to patients to allow them to make the most informed decisions and participate in shared decision-making with their healthcare teams and families. A decision to participate in a cancer trial should also be made under the careful supervision of a patient’s healthcare team. 

Download the Clinical Trials Fact Sheet

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