LRF Mobile App

The Lymphoma Research Foundation’s mobile app, Focus on Lymphoma, provides unlimited access to lymphoma information and health care tools right at your fingertips. This first of a kind app, dramatically changes how patients and their caregivers manage a diagnosis with lymphoma. The app contains three main components Learn, Track, and Connect in order to provide comprehensive and helpful content.



The Learn section provides users with content tailored to their subtype and disease stage. By answering a few short questions, information most relevant to the user will appear containing, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials and survivorship content. Information received through the app can easily be shared via email with caregivers and healthcare teams, and the notes section allows users to save questions to review later. The Learn section also contains a new FDA Updates feature providing the latest information on FDA-approved lymphoma treatments. App users will also receive periodic push notifications to their phones whenever a lymphoma drug is newly approved or receives a new indication.



The Track feature features a full suite of customized tools to help patients manage and organize their lymphoma-related information all in one place. The medicine manager allows users to track medication schedules and set reminders; a blood counts section keeps record of complete blood count (CBC) results to track progress and review with doctors; a symptoms tracker to track symptom severity; and a doctor sessions tool box, to help facilitate meetings with healthcare providers, and ever record sessions with doctors to review as needed.  



The Connect component links patients with resources available through the Lymphoma Research Foundation, including direct access to the LRF Helpline and Lymphoma Support Network. The app also connects users to foundation programs, advocacy efforts and more.


Visit for additional information on this unique lymphoma resource or visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Focus On Lymphoma mobile app today.