Day of Action: Urge Congress to Support the Clinical Treatment Act

On July 10, the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) is participating in a day of action in support of the Clinical Treatment Act, a bill that would provide Medicaid coverage of the routine care costs of clinical trials participation.

Here is why the issue is important:

  • Unlike Medicare and other major payers, Medicaid is not federally required to cover routine care costs (like physician visits and laboratory studies) for clinical trials.
  • There are as many as 42.2 million Medicaid patients that are potentially without this needed coverage.
  • Clinical trials often provide patients with life-threatening conditions the best – perhaps only—treatment option for their condition.
  • Covering routine costs of clinical trials for patients with Medicaid coverage could help to reduce health disparities and ensure access to high-quality, high-value care.
  • This legislation would have a minimal effect on overall care costs since, in most cases, these costs consist of coverage for care that patients would be receiving anyway.

You can directly reach out to your lawmakers and ask them to take action on this important issue by visiting LRF’s Advocacy Action Center. To receive an email alert the morning of July 10 reminding you to participate in this day of action, sign up now to become an LRF AdvocateIf you’ve already signed-up, simply keep an eye out for the action alert email.

Join the Conversation on Social Media on July 10
We invite you to continue to take part in the day of action by sharing why the Clinical Treatment Act is important to you and retweeting content on social media using the hashtag #ClinicalTrialAccess. LRF will be posting throughout the day to help educate members of Congress about the need to address this issue.

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