Lymphoma Research Foundation Update on Vincristine Supply

The Lymphoma Research Foundation is aware that the supply of the vital chemotherapy medicine vincristine [Oncovin] may be limited in certain areas of the country. We understand this news is very concerning to patients who receive this medicine and their loved ones. Pfizer, the sole supplier of vincristine, has released a statement explaining that the situation is short-term, and that they are working to ensure return to full supply as quickly and as safely as possible, to meet the significant demand. Pfizer has also expedited additional shipments of vincristine, which are now in transit to healthcare providers so they can treat patients.

Vincristine is only administered to patients in an infusion center, clinic or hospital. Patients being treated with vincristine who have questions on availability should have a member of their healthcare team contact the LRF Helpline at or 800-500-9976 for additional information.

About Vincristine:

Vincristine is an FDA-approved chemotherapy agent that is used to treat some types of lymphoma. Vincristine is most commonly used in the chemotherapy regimen, R-CHOP, (cyclophosphamide [Cytoxan], doxorubicin [Adriamycin], vincristine [Oncovin], and prednisone [Deltasone]).

Resources and Support:
LRF Helpline

Trained LRF Helpline staff members are available to answer your questions about a lymphoma diagnosis and treatment information, as well as provide individual support and referrals to you and your loved ones.  Callers may request the services of a language interpreter.  To contact the LRF Helpline, email or call 800-500-9976, Monday through Friday, from 9:30am – 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).