Adolescents & Young Adults: Survivorship

Adolescent and Young Adult Lymphoma

Survivorship & Long-Term Impact

It is important for every lymphoma patient, regardless of age, to have a survivorship care plan that includes guidelines for monitoring and maintaining their health, including regular physical examinations to check for long-term side effects of treatment. This is particularly important for younger cancer survivors, as they have many years ahead and may be facing different concerns than older cancer survivors.

Patients in remission (disappearance of signs and symptoms) should have regular visits with a physician who is familiar with their medical history and the treatments they have received, because some side effects may not appear until months or years after their treatment is completed.

Patients and their caregivers are encouraged to keep copies of all medical records and test results as well as information on the types, amounts, and duration of all treatments received. This plan can help improve patients’ quality of life as they move beyond lymphoma treatment. For AYAs, these records will also be important for remembering and communicating their cancer experience with new healthcare providers as they age.

Long-Term Emotional and Psychological Impact

The trauma of being diagnosed with lymphoma and having gone through physically and mentally challenging treatment can also have long-term psychological effects. AYA cancer survivors are at increased risk for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide; however, there are many forms of support available. Support groups or relaxation techniques are helpful for some people. Some AYAs may benefit from the assistance of a mental health professional.

Download the Lymphoma Care Plan

Keeping your information in one location can help you feel more in control during and after treatment. It is encouraged to complete this form with your health care team.

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