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Morton Coleman, MD Innovation Fund

Dr. Morton Coleman is a world-renowned and highly respected medical oncologist with nearly 60 years of experience in the field, specializing in the treatment of patients with lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia.

In 2023, the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) announced the Morton Coleman, MD Innovation Fund in recognition of Dr. Coleman’s many accomplishments and contributions to the field of lymphoma/chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) research and patient care. The Foundation’s goal is to respond to challenges facing the lymphoma community and to make significant advances in biomedical research in congruency with Dr. Coleman’s pursuit of cures and dedication to his patients.

The money raised will go toward areas of planned scientific focus, such as supporting translational science and clinical trials. Bringing these advances directly to patients through novel education programs and support services will serve hundreds of thousands of people every year. Each area will require the Foundation to leverage significant expertise and resources and allow it to build upon the important work and achievements of experts
like Dr. Coleman.

One of Dr. Coleman’s several grateful patients Sara Weinstein was thrilled for the opportunity to support a fund in his honor saying, “He is one of God’s angels.” Weinstein shared that when she was diagnosed with lymphoma, she was most fearful of sitting in a chemo treatment center amongst so many other cancer patients. However, she says that Dr. Coleman’s attentive, calm, and reassuring nature helped to normalize the process of having cancer and created a sense of community that eased her concerns. “Dr. Coleman was extremely attentive and helped me retain my sense of normalcy. When I told him that I wanted to be able to work whilst receiving treatment, he arranged for me to have my own office at the hospital where I could receive treatment and continue to work,” says Weinstein. “He quite literally saved my life, and I will forever be filled with gratitude to him!”

Throughout his two decades of service to LRF, Dr. Coleman served as the Founding Chair of LRF’s Medical
Affiliates Board, was instrumental in establishing a global Marginal Zone Lymphoma effort and founded Lymphoma Rounds, a first-of-its-kind continuing medical education program for oncologists. Dr. Coleman also
provided invaluable support to hopeful young oncologists as a mentor through the LRF Lymphoma Scientific
Research Mentoring Program.

The Foundation would like to thank the donors whose philanthropic support is making the Morton Coleman, MD Innovation Fund possible. Gifts are still being accepted. Contact Lynne Winter at to learn more.