Using Social Media as a Force for Good

Social media influencer, Anthony Corrado, was clearly destined for a life in the entertainment business. Getting his start making YouTube videos for fun as a kid, the 27-year-old now TikTok and Instagram star, uses his platform to do what he loves most – make people laugh. In 2023, life threw Corrado a curveball when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. Instead of navigating his diagnosis in private, he decided to stay positive while documenting his lymphoma journey and creating a remarkable community of support among his over 490,000 followers.

Patient Perspectives: When Should a Patient Seek a Second Opinion?

Second opinions can help a patient better understand their options and ultimately make the best decisions for their care. Lymphoma specialist, Loretta Nastoupil, MD discusses why seeking a second opinion can be a helpful tool for patients when making decisions about their care, while lymphoma survivor, Larry Simon, discusses why he ultimately chose to obtain a second opinion.

Transforming the Field of Survivorship Research

Lymphoma Research Foundation CEO Meghan Gutierrez sat down with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the author of groundbreaking legislation that would transform the field of survivorship research and increase access to survivorship-related healthcare and services. They discussed the bi-partisan Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Act, her motivation to author the legislation and the needs of cancer survivors.

Breakthroughs Start with Strong Patient Relationships

Many healthcare professionals get into medicine out of a desire to help people, and Zachary Epstein-Peterson, MD is no exception. In fact, one of the primary factors that led him to focus his career on lymphoma was witnessing the close relationships between doctor and patient during his early rotations, and it’s those deep connections with patients that continue to inform his lymphoma research today.

Planned Giving: The Legacy a Donor Leaves Behind

Bob came to LRF out of concern for his son, but he continues to work with and donate to the organization out of admiration for LRF’s impact on lymphoma research. Together, Bob and Michael worked to support Foundation research, advocacy, and LRF Scientific Advisory Board efforts to change lives. Bob hopes his estate gift helps advance cures for lymphoma and ensures a brighter future for other families touched by this blood cancer.