Living with Lymphoma

Careers and Rights Amid Pandemic

In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 swept the world and disrupted the way we interact, communicate, conduct business and live. The world has experienced an enormous economic impact, forcing several companies to make difficult decisions regarding staff reductions and salaries, and in some cases closing businesses entirely.

A Clinical Trial Saved My Life

Clinical Trials are important to helping advance research and provide access to the most cutting-edge treatment options. Rich Zavadowski felt a clinical trial was his best chance of survival when he was diagnosed with Stage IV peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL) - a rare subtype of lymphoma with no standard of care.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Studies have shown that practicing meditation can promote healing, both physically and emotionally/psychologically for cancer patients. Mindfulness Leadership and Coach, Amy Jin, joined hosts Victor Gonzalez and Izumi Nakano to discuss the importance of mindfulness and how meditation can help lymphoma patients and their loved ones slow down during an incredibly stressful time in their lives.