Letters to the Editors


Letters to the Editors

Without exception, the opinion page is one of the most highly read sections in any newspaper or magazine. Letters to the editor are an important part of the editorial section and can provide a simple and effective way to educate readers about lymphoma and policy issues that are most important to the lymphoma community and the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF).

Members of Congress and members of their staff often review the opinion section of local and regional newspapers in order to understand which issues are most important to their constituents. For that reason, the below letters have been written to assist LRF advocates and chapter members respond to articles that have presented information on the federal budget, federal support for cancer research, or cancer issues generally. Be certain to personalize the letters by adding additional details about your personal lymphoma experience if you have comfort in doing. You may also consider the addition of details that will appeal to local readers, such as a call for members of your own community to contact local legislators seeking support for funding for the National Institutes of Health and other programs which assist people with cancer.

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To learn more about these opportunities, email LRF at advocacy@lymphoma.org.