Lymphoma News

Managing Stress Amid a Pandemic

A lymphoma diagnosis can be challenging to cope with at any time, but the current pandemic has only increased stress, anxiety, and depression for many lymphoma patients. While at times this can all be overwhelming, there are many ways to…

Ask the Doctor: How can biomarker testing help DLBCL patients?

The emergence of biomarking testing has provided new insights into the molecular and genetic underpinnings of many types of cancer as well as differences in an individual patient’s cancer at the molecular level. These differences, or alterations (also known as…

Trading Places: A Father and Daughter’s Journey with Lymphoma

A father and daughter’s story as both lymphoma survivors and each other’s caregivers, and their mission to empower themselves through education and connect with others at Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF)’s North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma.